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Moving goods in containers by return transport and by rail can be a risky business. But we have a solution which protects your cargo from theft and saves your nerves, time and money.

Transporting containers with GPS locks

Full control over your cargo during ground transportation

A GPS lock is an electronic device which ensures the safety and security of cargo during transportation it allows tracking the movement of your cargo online, monitoring of temperature, and provides instant notification of any attempts to open the container.

Our company was the first in Ukraine to introduce our own GPS locks for container transportation, because we understood that there were too many cases of goods theft when using private carriers. Unauthorized opening of containers usually happens when drivers working under a one-time transportation agreement form part of the supply chain. Sometimes they cannot be excluded from the process, since the use of passing vehicles with empty equipment of the required type and container line (“return transport”) significantly reduces the cost of container transportation.

Goods thieves know how to extract the contents of containers without damaging the linear seal, and will replace the stolen goods with bags of earth or other fillers that are identical in weight. As a result, any loss will only be detected at the port of discharge, often several weeks after the incident, and far beyond the borders of Ukraine. In these circumstances, understanding exactly what happened, and when, can prove extremely problematic.

Avoid such situations with Stoles Logistic’s GPS locks. The device is made of metal, and the locking mechanism of high-carbon steel. A special sensor is built into the lock, which registers the shock and vibration which occurs when someone tries to cut or force the lock open, and additional sensors monitor the temperature and integrity of the locking mechanism. Any deviation from the norm transmits an alarm, which is recorded by our employees.

Transporting containers with GPS locks

To ensure the safety of our customers’ cargo, Stoles Logistic has already purchased more than 100 GPS locks. Advantages:

  • GSM and GPS real-time positioning with tracking of cargo route, speed of movement, and time and duration of stops;
  • GPS locks can be remotely closed and unlocked, via the control terminal or by SMS, under the control of a Stoles Logistic operator;
  • Alarm signal transmitted when the integrity of the lock is broken, or when the level of vibration or the set temperature limits are exceeded;
  • 20,000 mAh capacity battery, providing power to the lock for 20 days;
  • Protection level IP67.

Using GPS locks gives our customers the following benefits:

  • Knowing the location of the container and the route of transportation;
  • Reliable protection against cargo theft during transportation, by rail or road;
  • Prompt notification of any unauthorized opening of the container;
  • Additional evidence base, in case of cargo theft.

Our GPS lock is an innovative solution that will help you feel confident about the safety of your cargo, all the way from loading to unloading.

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