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Car delivery from the USA, agency purchase

You choose, we do the rest

You’re here because you need a car delivered from the USA. Or you’re thinking about bringing over a motorcycle. And perhaps you’ve already found a good offer for rolling equipment in the American market and are planning its transportation. In that case, all you have to do is choose your favorite vehicle in the US, and leave the rest to us.

Even though we’ve been professionally engaged in transportation of equipment in containers for a long time, every delivery of a car from North America to Ukraine remains, for us, an individual mini-project.

The first task is to choose the optimal way of placing the vehicle in the container. The safety of the car throughout its journey, and during loading and unloading, depends on this first step. Usually we are not limited by the carrying capacity of the container and can load into it any equipment that fits within its dimensions. If we are talking about cars, for example, in a standard 40-foot container, you can fit 4 small cars, golf class, 3 sedans (BMW 5-series, for example,), 2 pickups (Ford F-150, for example) or 2 business class cars (Mercedes-Benz S-Class, for example). Each situation requires the construction of a metal and wood frame suitable for the task, an appropriate method of fastening, reliable fixing with slings to compensate for pitching and to ensure safe passage through any possible storms. An effective design solution at this preliminary stage solves two problems: reliability and minimizing the cost of transportation. If your choice falls on a rare or elite car, however, we would advise adjusting the design in favor of strengthening security during the journey, and consider the option of transporting the car in a separate, 20-foot container with an extra-reliable latch.

Secondly, when planning the route of the cargo, we pay attention to each transit port and arrange special checks in advance at these points. – missing container transfers can add a few weeks to a delivery schedule. And paying attention at ports of transhipment is also important for transporting rolling equipment, because there are additional risks when moving the vehicle from the carriage or trailer to the landing sites, and when loading and unloading from the container, which each time must be carried out in strict accordance with our rules. Roll-on, self-propelled auto equipment also requires an individual approach. This category of goods includes tractors, excavators, cranes, combines, bulldozers, self-propelled drilling rigs, any other wheeled or tracked special vehicles, which often do not fit in standard sea containers. Accordingly, when planning the route, it is necessary to arrange the possibility of using a “ro-ro” (roll-on / roll-off) ship, with horizontal loading function and inclined ramp, perhaps also mafi-trailers (or, alternatively, roll trailers), and fleetracks. And when shopping at North American auto-trading sites with the need to deliver equipment to the port of shipment by rail, you need to take into account also the limitations of the particular rail carrier, which will have its own overall dimensions.

The third stage of the project for the transportation of your vehicle is preparation, calculation and registration of documentary support needed for the transaction, including duties, customs duties, excises and taxes. Thoroughness and literacy at this stage will also determine the final compliance with the planned terms and cost of the logistics operation, and will avoid delays in overloading and obtaining equipment at the port of destination.

Finally, we will agree with you the type, size and registration of cargo insurance. Here, too, we will help assess the risk and evaluate it with the optimal insurance collection, taking into account all the factors of the specific logistics project.

As you can see, the work is always unique in its own way and only our rich experience in constructing and supporting such mini-projects allows us to confidently talk about the guaranteed and reliable delivery of vehicles from the USA, using “Stoles Logistic”.

Car delivery from the USA, agency purchase

In addition, if you entrust us with the whole, complex set of actions connected with acquiring cars on the trading floors of the USA and Canada, you will also get the advantages from working with trusted dealers in these countries. Mathematical calculations convincingly demonstrate the benefit of applying to a professional agent, whose commission for services is, as a rule, lower than the price advantage that dealers earn in their markets due to their volumes and long-term relationships.

So, we have openly and in detail described for you the basics of our algorithm for the delivery of cars from America and Canada. But, of course, these are just the basics and we do not suggest you take our word for it, you should check all the claims in person with the specialists of Stoles Logistic at the preliminary stage of planning the transaction, and we will be happy to confirm our statements by our actions.

Write, call, your American car is already waiting for you!

You bought, we brought

From us:

  • logistics professionals, experience, knowledge of the specifics;
  • responsible forwarding;
  • customs clearance, complex registration, delivery to the door;
  • transparent reporting, justified costs;
  • our representative in the United States with great experience in shipping cars in containers, including expensive and rare vehicles;
  • partner network of dealers in the US and Canada for the purchase of cars according to your requirements;
  • optimal price, justified commission;
  • verification by VIN-code through the system Carfax (the sole register in the US of all insurance events).

Weight is not important, dimensions are important.

Cars, motorcycles, rolling equipment (loaders and special vehicles), freight pick-up trucks and any equipment that will fit in a container.

The main trading platforms in the US, where you can find your car:

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