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Maritime container transportation

Freight, Coordination and the Bill of Lading

Sea container shipping is the sphere of forwarding services that requires knowledge of many related subjects and high level of professionalism. It is also worth taking into consideration the specific nature of work management of marine transport. And it is these requirements that the team of our specialists is built upon. How are these qualities implemented in practice? Make your own decision.

Our cooperation in container freight service with most world shipping container companies represented in Ukraine is close and long-standing. We know their strong and weak points. China, Europe, North and South Americas, our planning analysts know the ports in any part of the globe well. This makes it possible to suggest the most convenient delivery dates and cost-efficient box rates to our clients, schedule specific logistic network taking into consideration operation features of each line. If necessary, we arrange additional overhours in the port of destination and protect our client interests in any other possible way.

Forwarding in the port. Though no cargo transfer takes place at this stage, forwarding in the port is one of the most complicated and crucial elements of the operation. This work requires knowledge of specificity of the shipping industry and numerous regulatory agencies of the country of the shipper. It involves a large amount of agreements and visings from the state services and other participants of the transportation process. Our employees are fully aware of this specificity as all forwarding of containers in the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk is carried out directly, without facilitators. Many years of experience, monitoring of current changes in legislation and industry specific regulations, friendly business relationships with port authorities and well-established teamwork procedure minimize potential errors and unforeseen problems in the forwarding process of your freight.

International sea shipping has a number of specific features for each type of transported cargo and needs careful scheduling. For instance, during long sea passages there exists a danger of grain soakage in containers. To avoid such risk we approach the line with a request to load containers with grain underdeck. Or, for example, dangerous shipment in containers is to be provided with additional documentation. In each specific case sea shipping of such cargo is cleared with the line agent. IMO and UN numbers of the shipment according the international classification are submitted to the line,MSDS is additionally issued. material safety data sheet All this is done prior to lodging customs freight declarations.

Maritime container transportation

Sea container shipping ensures high level of cargo safety and minimizes risks. But, if necessary, our managers suggest the most convenient CMR insurance and execute required documents.

Our employees pay special attention to the details in the Bill of Lading as it plays the key role in the transportation process and serves as an instrument of pledge. As a rule the draft Bill of Lading is generated according to the customer’s instructions and e-mailed to the client. On the receipt of the confirmation and the departure of the vessel an original Bill of Lading is generated. To introduce any further amendments to the issued Bill of Lading three copies of the original documents should be handed in to the line agent. But in some cases the Bills of Lading are not generated. According to the instructions of the forwarding agent they are replaced by the telex release issued by the linear agent in the port of departure. An electronic copy of this document is sent to the linear agent in the port of destination. Amendments to it could be introduced any time without additional expenses.

Sea shipping should be backed by accurately defined set of forwarding documents. This allows minimizing risks and processing the shipment efficiently in the port of destination.


Nowadays container transportations are considered the most advanced and top priority practice of cargo delivery. Container transportations are in demand not only by major trade companies, but also small and medium-sized businesses in the field of produce export and import.

The majority of customers opt for container transportations for their decided advantages:

Cargo security. The container rigid structure protects cargo from potential deformation at the time of handling operations and shipping. Availability of ventilation enables keeping relevant transportation mode. Container impermeability protects cargo from ingress of moisture;

Shortening the timeline of handling operations, thus cutting down cargo delivery time;

Opportunity to ship any cargo, including dangerous, perishable, liquid bulk, gross weight and oversized ones;

Versatility. Containers can be transported by road, railway or sea transport allowing saving time and money on cargo delivery to the terminal point of unloading;

Chance to deliver package freight;
Computerization of delivery process management.

Container transportation could be carried out by any type of transport. The choice of it depends on cargo characteristics and the distance to be covered. The transportation costs are also subject to them.

Container transportations by road are in great demand for produce transfer on the territory of Ukraine.

Today cargo shipping by sea connects most countries of the world and makes cargo delivery from USA or China to Ukraine highly efficient.

A forwarding company plays the key role in the sea shipping of containers. It serves as an important link between the main participants of the transport process. A forwarding agent is a staffer who protects interests of the customer en route. The forwarder is always informed about any new developments in customs regulations, he is able to deal effectively with challenges arising during the cargo delivery. And located in Odessa Stoles Logistic Ltd. is just the company that you need.

Making use of our company services one can be assured that the cargo is delivered to the consignee right on the agreed time and in good condition. Our company specialists monitor in full the produce handling process and execution of required forwarding documents.

We provide services of sea shipping of liquid bulk cargoes in special package, flexitanks, placed inside containers. The use of flexitanks allows international sea shipping of cargo to achieve a new level of development.

For the time of successful work in the field of international shipping Stoles Logistic Ltd. has significantly upgraded its professional level. At present we are happy to offer our customers advantageous terms of cargo shipping, customized approach and high quality service.

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