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Thorough planning and minimizing of risks define our approach to transferring of problematic cargo

Transportation of dangerous goods

Safe delivery of any cargo

Transportation of dangerous cargo requires special attention of the forwarding agent since transport risks are reasonably high, as well as accountability. That is why characteristics of dangerous cargo and requirements to its safe transportation are thoroughly considered by us.

According to International Maritime Organization classification dangerous cargo is rated into 9 hazard classes:

  • 1st class of hazard – explosives;
  • 2nd class of hazard – compressed gas, gas liquids, and gas dissolved under pressure;
  • 3rd class of hazard – highly flammable liquids;
  • 4th class of hazard – highly flammable solid cargo and substances, self-ignitable cargo and substances, cargo and substances emitting flammable gases in contact with water;
  • 5th class of hazard – oxidizable substances and organic peroxides;
  • 6th class of hazard – toxic substances, infectious cargo and substances;
  • 7th class of hazard – radioactive materials;
  • 8th class of hazard – corrosives and/or corrosive cargoes and substances;
  • 9th class of hazard – any other dangerous cargo and substances.

According to the cargo class of hazard the required package of documents has to be prepared, including an emergency control card. Our intra-port forwarder always inspects containers with dangerous cargo for absence of damages and checks the availability of a hazard label on the container. Export of dangerous cargo requires to get an approval of the port container terminal to accept specific cargo.

Transportation of dangerous goods

ADR commodity truck tractors are used for transportation of dangerous cargo by road. Stoles Logistic Ltd. offers their own company trucking fleet for transporting of dangerous cargo and lays a particular stress on this area of operations. Our company handles any dangerous cargo that could be shipped in containers. Export of ammonium nitrate or sulphur in containers or import of zirconium oxychloride or orthophosphoric acid, these are the assignments our specialists toil at scrupulously from day to day.

When transporting oversized and dangerous cargo it is very important not only to process the documents properly and obtain permission for vehicle travel but undertake measures for the transportation to be safe and prevent environmental damage and any harm done to people, vehicles, and infrastructure elements located nearby. This requires working out the most convenient route, ensuring safe control, and getting hold of all relevant information.

Only professionals are able to accomplish such tasks. Being one of the leaders in the freight shipping industry we are able to ensure safe transferring of sophisticated, dangerous, and heavy weight cargo. We are ready to employ the company’s advantages to the full for our clients:

  • working experience since 2005, large number of realized projects of large-sized and dangerous cargo delivery from Europe, America and Asia;
  • a team of high-class specialists with good knowledge of our work specifities;
  • availability of our own transport and special vehicles for transfer;
  • ownership of all required authorization documents and permits.

Please call us now and the issue that seemed infeasible recently would be solved as soon as possible.

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