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Many types of transport, challenging routes – one ownership, one company

Multimodal transportation

Just-in-time combined cargo transportation

A lot of companies engaged in trade of all sorts often face the necessity of taking more than one type of transport to deliver their commodities from one point to the other one. Logistics experts label such transfers as multimodal, but they are better known as combined transport among customers.

Multimodal transportations are regarded to be one of the major logistic operations since they demand strict monitoring of cargo en route. Stoles Logistic Ltd. ensures uninterrupted passage of all legs of multimodal transportations in several different options available for you to choose from:

  • Delivery of batches of goods from suppliers to a consignee (door-to-door delivery). Mostly, in order to reduce overhead costs the cargo is taken by road to the nearest sea container terminal. Next, it is uploaded to containers and shipped by sea to the port of destination where our employees are already awaiting for it. After being unloaded from the vessel the cargo is taken to the consignee’s store by road or railway transport.
  • Transfer of oversized and heavy load cargo. In this case it is often required to break batches of cargo up in the port of transhipment and deliver them to the store of the consignee by special transport.
  • Grain shipment for export. Two types of motor vehicles are used in this transfer scheme, a grain hopper truck and a container truck. A grain hopper truck delivers the cargo from the farmer to the terminal, where it is stuffed in the container. When grain is transferred the container is loaded onto a container truck and transported to the outport.

Multimodal transportation

Stoles Logistic Ltd. company has been operating in the transport service industry since 2005 and it has wide experience in the biggest challenges of cargo shipping arrangements. Being one of the leading companies in our field, we secure the best provisions for our customers:

  • individual approach. Any shipping is carried out in accordance with your needs.;
  • commitment. You do not have to deal with various transport agencies, all issues at any stage are decided by us;
  • any direction. We handle multimodal container transportations from Europe, Asia and America;
  • Good relationships with the operators of transportations by road, railway or sea Extensive experience and knowledge of their work specificity allows us to arrange the most convenient itinerary of cargo movements and save your money.

Please call now and order the most beneficial shipping of your commodities. You have to provide only cargo forwarding documents and information about the location of start and terminal points. We do the rest.

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