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Modern logistics is not only an exact science, but a mastery of recognizing opportunities and making expert use of them

Logistics services

Route planning, minimization of actual costs

Our company’s name shows respect to this science and at the same time demonstrates its extensive practical application in freight forwarding. So what is logistics? There exist numerous definitions, but the most user-friendly and neat one is the following: “requisite goods of needed quality and quantity are delivered to the right point for the given customer at specified time with minimum use of resources”.

Complexity of container transfer, especially international one, determines a wide list of additional services that have to be provided by present-day freight-logistics companies. Supply traffic and transport expenditure levels are to a large extent dependent on the quality and efficiency of such services. Furthermore, competent logistic services may allow a number of additional opportunities for freight owners:

  • Working out of the best route of freight delivery;
  • Choice of the most convenient type or a number of types of transport for multimodal transferring;
  • Management of handling operations at transshipment points;
  • Warehousing services and responsible cargo storage;
  • Consolidation warehouse services and a lot more.

Logistic services should be provided considering maximum safety requirements and economic efficiency of transportation. In addition, cargo characteristics, shipping direction, seasonal and many other factors are to be considered. That is exactly why high level of professionalism of modern freight-logistics agencies is required.

Logistics services

The logistics company offers a wide range of professional services for its customers that enables propelling the efficiency of any freight transportation to the next level.

Our main advantages are:

  • high professional level of the personnel;
  • operational experience in the field of domestic and international container transportations since 2005;
  • large number of partners in different countries of the world.

Logistic services of Stoles Logistic Ltd. allow efficiency of trade and external economic activities, hence, your business efficiency, to be significantly improved.

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