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Connecting continents in attaining your goal objectives

International transportation

Any type of transport, any freight

Modern business knows no bounds. Many companies in Ukraine cooperate closely with foreign organizations developing new sales markets for their produce. So, provided you expect to succeed in trade, set the “Window on Europe” open freely and we will assist you with it.

Has your company already been actively cooperating with foreign partners?

Have you only been planning to enter into export deliveries of goods to the countries of Europe and the Far East?

Perhaps, import of the produce from abroad is your goal?

In any case transport agencies operating in international freight transportation industry will be required.

International transportation

We are in our element with international container transportations. It is this business that each and all specialists of Stoles Logistic Ltd. work hard at with maximum commitment from day to day. We will deliver your container to any point of the globe. Today international sea shipping remains the most money-saving way of cargo transportation on long distances. You will be delighted with competitive prices and reasonable delivery periods. Availability of our own motor transport provides an opportunity to offer relatively low prices of container delivery by road and adhere to the stiff deadlines of delivery. By providing full range of logistic services for container shipping and selecting optimum routes, we save our client trouble, cut down his money and save time. International cargo transportations with our company could be comfortable.

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