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Inland container transportation

Our own vehicles, ‘returns,’ and monitoring

One of the objectives requiring close attention and operative action of a forwarding agent is optimization of land transit of empty and full containers. Entrusting this work to Stoles Logistic Ltd. you could expect regular monitoring of your cargo traffic by road and railway transport.

A fleet of our own modern container trucks provides room for manoeuvres when making up all-inclusive forwarding rate and ensures meeting the agreed deadlines of the container delivery to the port of destination. All vehicles are equipped with GPS modules allowing remote control of the cargo traffic. The trained drivers understand what should be paid attention to while taking up an empty container and keep operational communication with dispatchers on the route. Besides, we provide specialized transport – ro-ro carriers, Genset container trucks for refrigerated container transportation, ADR trucks for dangerous cargo transportation, and tractors enabling transportation of oversized cargo and tank containers – to our clients.

Inland container transportation

Road transportation of containers is an important element of multimodal shipping. International container transportations are started with the delivery of empty equipment to the site of uploading and this task is accomplished by ground transport, either auto or railway one. The right logistical approach at the stage of scheduling of the ground transfer allows saving money and time. When scheduling the supply of auto transport for loading the arrival date of the vessel and time expenditures after handing the container over to the port are taken into account. Hereby possible free time and cargo storage spendings in the port of departure are minimized.

Another way of cutting expenses on container transportation is the use of vehicles with empty equipment of an appropriate type, so called ‘returns.’ While implementing the forwarding contract we monitor the availability of auto transport carrying empty containers of the given type that makes in the same direction. If such ‘return’ transport is found, we save time and costs on bringing up and taking of an empty container since it is already on the vehicle.

Sound security of the cargo is a must of efficient forwarding. As a rule, the full container is sealed in the presence of a surveyor or our representative. Next, the container with a line seal is brought to the port by auto transport and handed over to the container terminal. But at your request we would undertake cargo security arrangements while shipping and transshipping.

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