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What looks like an innovation for others, our company considers to be a routine task

Flexitanks, oil export

Potentialities and Advantages

Put to use of flexitanks for transportation of seed oils, technical fluids and other liquid bulk cargo is the current day trend in modern logistics.

Stoles Logistic Ltd. is one of few companies offering services of liquid bulk cargo transportation using this technology.

A flexitank is a product specific boxing, a pillow type tank made from multilayer food-grade polyethylene inside a standard 20’ dry container. A flexitank is equipped with a delivery hole cap with valve for pumping the product, weights 60 kg, ships up to 24 cu.m of liquid, the filler port position is either upper or bottom.

The use of flexitanks allows taking down significantly the cost price of cargo shipping owning to high efficiency of container exploitation and accelerating handling operations. Flexitanks are widely used for sunflower oil transportation in Ukraine.

But one needs working experience and special attention to equipment to provide services with this type of package. Having such experience the employees of our company select only clean and undamaged containers. Prior to installation of a flexitank the surface of a container is closely inspected for any sharp edges or projections that may damage a pillow type tank. To ensure maximum protection the container walls are lined with corrugated cardboard. Next, a metal structure fabricated in advance is installed to secure additional stiffness during transportation. The rear wall is lined by trapping, and only then a flexitank is ready for exploitation.

To ensure preservation of freight we take only certified top-grade five-layer flexitanks.

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