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Door to door transportation


Making arrangements for international transportations is a complicated, anxious, and crucial process. Besides operations related to the cargo delivery itself, a shipper inevitably encounters dozens of regular situations and emergencies during execution of documents, customs clearance, booking or chartering. Our company specialists will see to this business.

Thorough scheduling of cargo delivery is the keystone of success of any shipping.

Door to door transportation

There always exists an opportunity to select the most effective and economy-priced way of transportation for the customer ordering cargo delivery in Ukraine. All sea transportations are basically multimodal as the cargo, is to be delivered to the port and carried away from it in the preassigned direction. It could be the delivery of agricultural produce in hoppers, transportation of wood and logs by road, and delivery of sunflower oil in flexitanks.

Stoles Logistics Ltd. provides a full set of logistics services in export and import directions. At the customer’s request it is possible for certain types of services for commodities delivery for stuffing in the ports of Odessa and Illyichevsk to be carried out.

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