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With Stoles Logistic Ltd. the customs are always giving clearance

Customs clearance

Declaring, customs clearance, complete set of documents

The official name for the procedure of “customs clearance” is customs formalities or customs processing. The formality involves a number of serial actions working towards various cargo and goods crossing Ukraine customs border.

What actions are undertaken by declarants and customs?

The individuals moving commodities, that is, the declarants, submit a package of documents, notifications, and data about movements of commodities, pay custom-house fees, and present their goods for customs-house examination.

Representatives of customs authorities accept the notifications, check the documents and data about the cargo, collect fees, examine the goods, and, most significantly, decide whether administration of the declared customs regulations is possible in any particular case.

Legal coming-in and exportation of goods across Ukraine border is impossible without customs clearance. So any person in export/import industry has to go through this complicated and long procedure.

Why is the process of customs clearance so complicated?

It is so for a number of reasons:

  • Large number of documents has to be filled precisely and accurately.
  • Bureaucratization of all customs clearance processes.
  • Occurrence of waiting lines at the points of customs control.
  • Imperfection of the customs legislation, frequent changes of requirements, and various innovations.

Wise professional assistance is always useful, especially when customs processing the goods from Asian countries. The problem is that due to bureaucratic runabouts containers from China may be detained at the border for a long time.

Customs clearance

Any type of cargo calls for special approach at Odessa customs-house:

Customs clearance of imported food items requires Bill of Health , sanitary and epidemic services (SES) permission, sometimes certification and certain substances, for instance, pesticides tests are held.

Processing documents of a lot of grain may require sample collection for analysis and obtaining of a phytosanitary certificate.

Import and customs clearance of the dangerous cargo should be accompanied by the license of the Ministry of Environment and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Stoles Logistic Ltd. specialists are capable of tackling any standard situations and emergencies related to cargo customs clearance. Fast customs clearance releases declarants from additional expenses on housing costs, cargo forwarding, penalty fees for failure to deliver on time, and administrative liability for unmeant infringing of cargo customs clearance regulations.

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