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Container booking

Selection of the container line, container booking

For companies whose business is not restricted by the domain of one continent the scheme of landing supplies to customers takes more universal format. Therewith, they face the issue to find a solution of which is virtually beyond the scope of any single company. Heavy-tonnage vessels are capable of taking aboard much more cargo than any company alone is able to provide for shipment. Both owners of goods and ship-owners are practically unable to organize a voyage of a bulker or a tanker by themselves.

A ship-owner aims at making use of the vessel with maximum output, while a cargo owner is interested in shipping his commodities with minimum costs. In container shipping a freight forwarding company is able to overcome this issue. It is this company that serves as a link in establishing liaison between ship-owners and cargo owners.

Container chartering steps:

  • Selection of the container line;
  • Evaluation of container type and quantity;
  • Placement and confirmation of booking;
  • Visaing of empty container shipping notice;
  • Receipt of linear seals;
  • Supply of auto transport for loading of empty containers.

The delivery of the full container to the port is performed strictly in accord with the arrival date of the cargo vessel and taking into account time spending for handling operations. Thus, the expenditures on cargo storage are minimized and that is of advantage for the shipper.

The English word ‘booking’ means a reservation of something. You may make a reservation, that is, book in advance an accommodation in a hotel, an apartment, a country house, a seat on a flight, or even engage a performer for a particular performance, but in the domain of cargo transportation the term ‘booking’ stands for reservation of space on the vessel and the very procedure of cargo placing on it.

The operation of space booking requires following standard bureaucratic and time-consuming procedures. For instance, the shipper has to fill a booking note, that is, a booking requisition. Managing document flow accurately and promptly is not an easy task. Requisites and the form of any document depend on cargo characteristics, place of departure, the linear agent, and the discharge port. Moreover, document completion requirements are often changed. Forwarding professionals overcome these difficulties perfectly, while the shipper saves both time and nerves, and does not miss the delivery deadlines due to random errors.

Container booking

Booking note requisites:

  • Shipper requisites and contact information of persons-in-charge;
  • Description of freight, its quantity and packing;
  • Type and number of containers;
  • ROS date;
  • Ports of loading and unloading;
  • Vessel name and voyage number.

On receipt of the booking confirmation and its assigned number from the container line, staffing of empty containers and arrangements for their delivery to the loading site could be started.

Stoles Logistic Company assures chartering and space booking for your cargo shipment on the vessels leaving the ports of Ukraine on easy for you terms.

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