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Forwarding is an integral and, at times, a master element of any trading operation. Make use of our experience, we are open to cooperation and aim at progress

Export of wheat and agricultural products

Export of Agricultural Products

Through close cooperation with numerous agricultural traders we have gained vast experience in forwarding of practically complete range of agricultural produce. Export of various types of grains, grain products, and seed oils involves good knowledge of specific features of handling operations, terms and conditions of clear of danger shipping.

What equipment is preferable for transshipment in order not to damage grain, how to deal with dampness during transportation, how to prevent deterioration of cargo during lengthy and complicated shipping? our specialists are well-aware of these specificities and ready to share their experience in quality inspection and standards for exported agricultural produce packing.

Grain export in containers via Odessa, Yuzhne and Chornomorsk ports has a number of distinctive features complicating this type of shipping and demands extra professionalism of the provider. Firstly, an empty container should be selected. No odor or defects that could result in cargo damage are allowed. Secondly, a separation should be installed securely into the doorway and loading done in such a way that the cargo capacity of a container is used to the full. Sea shipping of grain with lengthy crossings requires additional measures for cargo safety, among other things, silica gel is distributed uniformly inside the container. Other grain cargo, be it colza, barley, maize, sorghum or soy shipped in bulk in containers, carries similar specific features.

Export of wheat and agricultural products

In case agricultural produce is shipped in packing, bags or big bags are used for loading niche cultures, such as millet, mustard, flax, coriander, gram, vetch and sunflower seeds. We offer packaging service to our customers.

On client request our company ensures cargo fumigation and the receipt of all necessary certificates on exported agricultural produce.

Rest assured that over-the-road and container freight would be processed by Stoles Logistic Ltd. carefully and promptly.

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