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Cargo Transportations

We love our families, treasure friends and know how to have good time, but the most essential fact is that we know our trade, so let us better tell you right away about our business


1. Order Coordination
We operate intensively in both export and import directions where, by no means, any freight transaction is unique in its own way. That is why below we designate only the most general components of the forthcoming work using one standard export shipment as an illustration.

The first step in processing the order is reaching an agreement with you on the details of the operation taking into consideration cargo characteristics, destination chosen, riskiness, and specific requirements. In accordance with the objective and on the basis of the container freight market analysis our manager would select appropriate container lines. As a result, we would put together financial estimates of the transportation, identify estimated period of your container delivery to the terminal addressee and sign an agreement and requisition on transport and forwarding services. >>>

2. Container Booking


At this stage we take the final decision on the type and number of containers taking into account the best ton/US dollar ratio. >>>
The outcomes are placement and confirmation of the order on the required number of containers, visaing of empty container shipping notice and drawing of linear identification seals. >>>
Next, we schedule the supply of motor vehicles for loading considering the motor vessel arrival date and time spent after container handing-over to the port. Hereby we minimize possible delays and spendings on cargo storage in the port of departure. >>>

In the meantime we check availability of auto vehicles with empty containers of the given type making in the same direction (‘returns’). By using ‘returns’ we save time and expenditure on providing empty containers.

3. Inland haulage


This step includes loading of an empty container onto auto vehicles, transportation to the loading point, sealing of the filled container, its delivery to the port, and handing-over of the filled container to the terminal.

Special attention is paid to the driver – forwarding agent and forwarding agent – loading store employee collaboration. The employee responsible for loading is fully informed about vehicles’ transfer, and the dispatcher follows and monitors the drivers over phone on the route.

To ensure cargo safety the driver inspects the state of the received empty container looking for damages, internal contamination, and smell. On your request cargo may be weighted prior to delivery to the terminal. At the end of this stage the loaded container is handed over to the terminal and the fact is confirmed by an expenditure receipt. >>>

4. Forwarding in the Port

Now then, your cargo in a properly sealed container is in the port. Now our managers put together a set of documentation required for its loading onto the vessel.

Shipping orders and EPD’s are generated and processed fast, various port controls are passed, customs seals on consignment note and cargo customs declaration, as well as the seals of the linear agent and the ship’s agent are received, and, in case of need, an additional set of documents may be prepared for cargo customs declaration, and so on. >>>

When all official procedures are performed the container with the cargo is considered to be fully registered and ready for shipping by sea.

5. Uploading onto the Vessel


After uploading of the container onto the vessel it is vital to generate Bill of Lading. Special attention is paid to its agreement as the Bill plays the key role in transporting process and is the document of pledge. Following the customer instructions a draft Bill of Lading is issued and e-mailed to you. Upon receipt of the confirmation and departure of the vessel a true copy of the Bill of Lading is issued and a full set of documentation for receiving of the cargo at the port of destination is prepared. Then the set of documentation is sent off to the forwarding agent or the consignee by a courier service. The inventory of all documents sent is an obligatory process. >>>

6. Sea Freight
The vessel carrying your cargo has departed the port and now makes for the port of destination. But even when at sea your containers are followed with attention by the employees of Stoles Logistic Ltd. On its way to the final destination point the container could be transferred to other vessels since voyages can be either one-way (without transshipment) or those including transshipment in transit ports. At this stage our subject matter experts are constantly monitoring container traveling in order to prevent any possible delays in transit ports. Please note that no one container line guarantees your cargo delivery done “to the moment” due to specific conditions of shipping by sea. But in case of any delays in cargo transportation our specialist will minimize them by teamworking with the linear agent. You will be duly informed about whereabouts of your containers.

Cargo turn-over in 2012
7. Delivery to the Consignee Store
At last your cargo arrived to the port of destination. We have built up excellent business relationships with overseas forwarding companies all over the world. And our close working contacts and experience make it possible to use services of a local forwarding agent or linear agents. The forwarding agent in the port of destination is given precise instructions as to the route of transportation, delivery deadlines, and characteristics of the cargo. We are in close contact with them from the moment the cargo reached the port of destination to the very moment when empty containers are handed over to the linear agent. >>>

8. Summery
Having met all the obligations and revised the reports >>>, our company makes analysis of the work done, takes into consideration all your feedback and acknowledgement and… start working on your next order.